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Marcell 850

Motorized Alternative Refuel Cell

The Marcell 850 is specifically designed for the commercial market.

It is adapted for large and heavy duty motors, as well as for construction and agricultural machinery.

  • - A fuel economy of up to 30%
  • - An increase in torque of up to 10%
  • - A reduction in exhaust emissions of up to 70%
  • - Better handling and mechanical performance
  • - A continuous maintenance of your vehicle’s engine
  • - A 5 year manufacturer warranty on all of our products


  • Developed for 4.5L to 8.5L engines (12 Volts)
  • Cell dimensions : LxWxD 190x190x100 mm
  • Number of steel plates : 17
  • Tank dimensions 1.5L : LxWxD 200x240x90 mm (dimensions include the cap)
  • Larger volume reservoirs are available

The Marcell 850 is supplied with all its components ready to install.

It comprises of : the cell, the wiring, our custom water reservoir, a relay, the terminals, the fuse, the couplings (steel), the hoses and a dose of electrolytes. The demineralised water is not supplied.

The Marcell 850 comes with its own Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) with a built-in digital display.

It has been specifically developed for this kit and can be placed in the passenger compartment.

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Marcell 850 Specs

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