An Innovative technology with environmental and economic benefits


Motorized Alternative Refuel Cell

Benefits :

  • - A fuel economy of up to 25%

  • - An increase in torque of up to 10%

  • - A reduction in exhaust emissions of up to 70%

  • - Better handling and mechanical performance

  • - A continuous maintenance of your vehicle’s engine

  • - Universally compatible kits, ready to install on most makes and models

  • - Contact for local garages who specialize in installations

  • - Specially designed for most engine types from compact to heavy duty trucks.

  • - Applicable on agricultural, commercial and industrial machinery

  • - A 5 year manufacturer warranty on all of our products

Reduce emissions, decarbonize your engine and save fuel

Marcell is an HHO generator adapted to the majority of combustion engines (diesel, petroleum, natural gas, ethanol, propane…etc). Brown’s gas is produced while the engine is running. It is introduced via the cold air intake where it acts as an accelerant maximizing the combustion of fuel. This process results in more miles per gallon, improved engine performance and a significant reduction in emissions. Marcell will prolong the durability of the motor by preventing internal caking of carbon deposits. Our range of Marcells are developed and calibrated to produce an optimal amount of HHO with low amperage so as not to strain the vehicle’s alternator. The kit has been crafted to run with a minimal loss of electricity. The various components assembled have been developed and structured to be fully compatible, consequently, our product is notably efficient.

Marcell technical specs

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