An Innovative technology with environmental and economic benefits

Marcell 500

Motorized Alternative Refuel Cell

Designed for 3L to 5L engines
Designed for 2.4L to 4.5L turbocharged engines

  • - A fuel economy of up to 25%
  • - An increase in torque of up to 10%
  • - A reduction in exhaust emissions of up to 70%
  • - Better handling and mechanical performance
  • - A continuous maintenance of your vehicle’s engine
  • - A 5 year manufacturer warranty on all of our products


  • Cell dimensions : LxWxD 150x150x120 mm
  • Number of steel plates : 25
  • Tank dimensions 1.5L : LxWxD 200x240x90 mm (dimensions include the cap)
  • Engine size (internal combustion engine) : 3000 to 5000 cc
  • Engine size (ICE turbocharged) : 2400 to 4500 cc

The Marcell 500 is supplied with all its components ready to install.

It comprises of : the cell, the wiring, our custom water reservoir, a relay, the terminals, the fuse, the couplings (steel), the hoses and a dose of electrolytes. The demineralised water is not supplied.

The Marcell 500 comes with its own Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) with a built-in digital display.

It has been specifically developed for this kit and can be placed in the passenger compartment.

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Marcell 500 Specs

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