An Innovative technology with environmental and economic benefits


The company :

HHO Green Tech is a Swiss company which specializes in Brown’s gas, more commonly known as HHO. Our products are designed using innovative and superior technology. The materials used are of the highest grade and follow the specifications of today’s automotive standards. Our primary applications are in the fuel economy and engine maintenance fields. HHO Green Tech provides innovative technical solutions which are economical, efficient and environmentally friendly for commercial and private consumers. New innovative applications of HHO are currently under development to be commercialized shortly

Brown’s gas (HHO) :

The gas is named after Yull Brown (1922-1998) who was instrumental in pioneering this technology which is based on the electrolysis of water. The process divides water molecules (H2O) by passing a continuous electric current through electrolyte-rich water; the reaction creates oxyhydrogen which is a gaseous mixture of two parts hydrogen (H2) and one part oxygen (O2).