An Innovative technology with environmental and economic benefits


Advantages of a decarbonizer:

  • - A fuel economy gain of up to 15%

  • - A torque recovery of up to 10%

  • - A horsepower recovery of up to 12%

  • - A reduction in exhaust emissions of up to 70%

  • - Cleans and maintains most motors

Rejuvenate your vehicle’s engine while increasing its durability.

This device has been specifically developed to clean out the interior of most engines. The Decarbonizer produces a large amount of HHO which is then introduced into your engine; it burns the carbon deposits and fuel residues that have accumulated over time. This method of decarbonizing is currently the only one capable of eradicating caked carbon deposits without adding chemical products or having negative impacts on the environment. An engine decarbonization for cars and trucks is recommended at approximately 30,000 to 40,000km, and every 500 to 1000 hrs for construction and agricultural machinery.

It is available in three sizes:

  • - Mini Decarbonizer for small engine applications, including scooters and motorbikes. Coming soon.

  • - Decarbonizer for cars, SUVs, trucks, cargo vans, small tractors and small construction machinery.

  • - Maxi Decarbonizer for heavy duty trucks, large agricultural machinery, large construction machinery and industrial motors. Coming soon.

Advantages of acquiring a decarbonizer:

  • - This service provides an additional revenue to your garage

  • - It provides maintenance and increases the durability of ones commercial fleet

  • - It provides maintenance and increases the durability to industrial machinery

  • - It provides maintenance and increases the durability to agricultural machinery

  • - A 2 year service package is included with every purchase

  • - A 5 year manufacturer warranty

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